Enabling Global Collaboration in Offsetting Emissions

Chia’s immutable blockchain application enables true carbon market data integrity, transparency, and efficiency across organizations.

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Climate Action Data Trust

World Bank’s IFC taps blockchain for carbon credits

Crypto, but for the climate

Why data infrastructure is key for a transparent carbon market

What We’ve Enabled

Standardizing criterion for verifying specific asset transactions

Establishing verifiable ownership of digital carbon assets

Architecting a securely decentralized, auditable history of data records


Delivering a High Quality
Carbon Market Instrument

The New Standard for Tokenized Carbon Offsets

The Carbon Opportunities Fund establishes criteria through innovative technologies for deploying capital to the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Leveraging Cultivo’s data-driven selection process to select high-quality nature-based projects, carbon credits are tokenized and tracked on the Chia blockchain by the Climate Action Data Trust, enhancing the transparency and securing the integrity of carbon trading while contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.


Digital Carbon Assets
Where They Belong

Establishing Verifiable Ownership

The Climate Wallet allows for full custody of your digital carbon assets across multiple standards. As the wallet owner you have complete control over the assets, their use, transfer, and retirement – without dependency on any external party.


Building a Standardized
Digital Infrastructure

The Climate Action Data Trust (CADT) is a decentralized metadata platform that harmonizes all major carbon registry data to enhance transparent accounting in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

The platform is built on Chia’s open-source distributed ledger technology to create a decentralized record of carbon market activity with the aim to develop a standardized platform, increasing trust in carbon credit data, and building confidence in carbon markets.

How Chia Helped Solve
the Carbon Market Challenges

Green. Decentralized.
↑Scalable. ↑Secure.

Chia is a foundational open-source technology designed for real-world utility, solving for today’s siloed, manual-intensive, and inefficient centralized data infrastructures.

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