Can you really trust the underlying data?

Relying purely on a central authority, unverifiable data, or obfuscated validity of information can be costly. Leverage DataLayerTM to help instill trust in your data infrastructure.

Solve For:
  • Immutable Supply Chain Data
  • Secure Medical Records
  • Provable Land Records
  • Transparent AI Training Data
  • Verifiable Trade Receipts
  • & More

Today’s globalized economy demands trust in the data shared among parties.
Chia’s DataLayerTM application puts trust back in your data.

Build trust by safely sharing important data across parties.

Enhance the visibility of your data while maintaining control.

Verify the Validity of Any Data Stored.


Bolster Trust Across Parties

IDEAL FOR: Supply Chain

Powering Secure Data Sharing

Whether managing inventory and trade receipts, overseeing medical records, or handling sensitive information across external parties, transparently use – and securely own – your data.


Record the transfer of capital, goods, services, notifications and reporting between parties enabling valuable visibility and shared accountability.


Enhance Visibility and Maintain Control


Supply Chain Healthcare Consortia

Audit Data & Avoid Liability

Recording data to an immutable, public blockchain enables unparalleled auditability and transparency. Organizations can establish confidence in the integrity of their data and their stakeholders can rely on bulletproof, independent auditability.

Public Disclosures

A global public blockchain ensures Public Disclosures remain overtly transparent. Consumers can be assured that the disclosure data’s verifiability is correct and unaltered, regardless of its sharing method.


Make Your Data Permanent & Proof-able


Real Estate Intellectual Property Financial Markets


Leveraging blockchain immutability, build and maintain a verifiable and tamper-resistant, multi-party repository for all your vital records, logs, legal docs, and contracts.

Data Durability

Establish a shared ledger of data records, from inception, across external parties. All parties always have the same data, at the same time.

Leveraged Globally for Critical Data Management

Transforming Carbon Markets through the Climate Action Data Trust

The Climate Action Data Trust is bringing transparency and accountability to carbon accounting through open data enabled by Chia DataLayer’s distributed ledger technology.

Why Chia’s Layer-1 Blockchain?

Built for trust, transparency, and efficiency without compromises from conventional blockchain technologies.

A New Level of Trust

Transform your digital infrastructure into a transparent and tamper-proof ledger to efficiently trace, manage, and validate data or transactions. Help bolster trust and accountability among participants, vendors, partners, governing bodies, and customers.

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Enterprise-Ready Security

Chia employs advanced and innovative cryptographic techniques and decentralized architecture, making it highly secure against unauthorized access and data tampering. Strengthen the security of your network and sensitive data, while preventing breaches and attacks.

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Agile, Scalable Infrastructure

Unlike conventional blockchains, our technology is designed to address real-world business challenges. Our programming language enables easy execution and auditing, while the innovative consensus model and tech stack allow for scalability while minimizing power consumption, overhead costs, and resource usage to help enhance your ROI.

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